About Us

Connor & Mark met across the dinner table at a Christmas awards event in December 2017, the bond was instant and immediately they shared a moment, little did they know that less than 3 years later they’d be starting their very own business together. Initially working on opposite sides of the business Connor (lettings) and Mark (sales), Connor roped Mark into a causal business lunch to discuss his passion and ideas for the future, from this moment onwards their relationship began to flourish, quickly realising that they shared many of the same frustrations within the property industry but more importantly had a very clear vision and direction of how they wanted to change the industry for the better.

Although not directly working together Connor & Mark found themselves talking to each other on a daily basis over a 2 year period, the one topic that rung so true was their shared passion for customer service, this matched with the upmost attention to detail and unrivalled marketing/branding that comes as second nature to both of them, they truly believed they’d be a serious force to be reckoned with. At the back end of the Summer 2019 they finally decided to pluck up the courage and take the plunge, and to cut a long story short Marco Harris was born.

With a simple motto from the outset Marco Harris mixes cutting edge technology and marketing with traditional estate agency methods, hand in hand with Connor & Mark’s strong personal values and beliefs. Our main aim is to create a customer experience like no other, a unique approach to the industry with outside the box ideas, but most importantly the sheer dedication and work ethic to ensuring we blow our customers expectation out of the water on every occasion.

They are truly humbled to be in the position of founding and owning their very own company and can’t wait to welcome you into the Marco Harris Family.

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