Meet The Team

Connor Harris

Co Founder | Director

0794 070 6267

Connor is creative individual with immense people skills. Growing up in the Bursledon, Connor is born and bred in Southampton. He has a love for the city and wouldn’t live anywhere else in the UK!

Brought up by very hard-working parents, Connor has an incredible work ethic which was imbedded into him from a young age. His selling skills and entrepreneurial spirit started at secondary school when he would purchase cans of drink along with supplies for lunches and sell them to fellow classmates for a profit. After his education years he was straight into full time employment as an apprentice in a Local Estate Agents in London Road. Connor excelled faster than the usual individual and ran his first branch at just the age of 21. He since has had a very successful career moving up the ranks and most recently being a Regional Director. Connor’s passion for property could be classed as a near on obsession and he has unique approach that creates long lasting relationships and ever-lasting impressions through his customer service.

Connor’s driving force has always been his family. Connor is happily married to wife Nathalie and is smitten over his children Maya & Marley. In his spare time, he often enjoys making special memories with this little family but enjoys the simple things in life like walks and trips to local pubs for a great bit of grub and a pint! He also has grown up with a group of 17 ‘lads’ that get together on occasions and enjoy a good beer or 7.

Lastly what does Marco Harris & Mark mean to Connor, he’s met his match. A person equally as driven and equally a hard working. Mark often challenges Connor in ways that he is not challenged by anyone else giving Connor extra fuel to his already burning fire to create a special kind of business. They have a special bond and great understanding of each other, yet they bicker like a married couple usually over the experience they are giving customers pushing each other to do more and provide better! Connor says, “We are young hungry chaps with a burning desire to create the South Coast’s most loved estate agency brand!”.

Mark Norman

Co Founder | Director

0755 324 8887

Describe Mark in three words, passionate, innovative and motivated. A highly energetic individual and a middle child of three Mark was brought up within a Naval officer’s family and learnt from a very young age his never give up attitude, from competing in more than one County level sport during his teenage years, Mark showed early signs of his creativeness, determination and leadership skills. He started his first part time job at 15 and it was clear to see his strong work ethic, constantly working around the clock during his academic years. Mark had his heart set on joining the Fire Service once he’d left college but was let down midway through his application due to having asthma as a child. Mark found himself searching for a career, not wanting to follow in his Dad’s footsteps in the forces he was a little lost, until one day he was given the opportunity to learn the ropes as an Estate Agent in Southsea, Portsmouth, he was mentored for a number of years by two leading property entrepreneurs and to this day Mark learnt a lot of his skills from those guys.

His passion for the property in general was apparent from day one but ultimately Mark gets his real buzz from helping customers and solving problems that the industry brings daily. He takes his knowledge and expertise very seriously and takes pride in everything he does, his honest and integral approach gives his customers plenty of faith and most will be left with the feeling that they’re much more than just a customer to Mark.

In his personal life Mark is truly dedicated to his two-favourite people; partner Stevie and best friend Leeroy. Mark leads a very active lifestyle, if he’s not at work he’s most definitely in the gym or searching for his new favourite coffee shop/café. He also loves his music and lives for, traveling up and down the country to visit music events with Leeroy.

Lastly what does Marco Harris & Connor mean to Mark, he’s found a friend for life in Connor, Connor is that guy that keeps Mark’s risk taking and sometimes outlandish ideas in check. Although younger than Mark, Connor is that sensible voice in Mark’s head. Together they will be an unstoppable team and its certainly exciting times ahead for the Marco Harris boys.